Great. These stories are improving by day and so am I 😊

This is my 7th reading of the 7-Habits book. I read this as a text book and prepare to face the life exams. Further, rather than just learner, I also want to be teacher of the good learning by discussing the good things with friends and family.

I will not go into the jugglery of words and terms used, and would write simple English.

  1. First, the inside of you is the mirror through which you see the world, your thinking, experiences creates the views.

2. Second, to get the public victory, you must achieve private victory, which means control over…

Company like GE, Tata, Nokia, Nintendo have all survived over a century and still thriving, none of them started in the business they are in today. Tata is making most of its money from Software, Nintendo now from Mobile games, and Nokia from Network infrastructure provider. GE lost many business it traditionally had, and been struggling to keep it lean and survive in changing dynamics.

I guess every company has to keep creating a new business, now so even faster. Early mover has advantage, now data analytics, AI, are becoming ubiquitous tool, to company to garner further level of productivity…

I am good at work, and one of best talent who is enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable, however I find myself dragged to procrastination more often than not. My distraction to browsing the news and social media have decreased my attention span, and overall effectiveness. I think I could create much more impact to the work and to my personal life if I really put my available time to the best of the use.

For this I am trying to find a solution based on the books I read:

Power of Subconscious Mind

My infinite intelligence is helping me get…

Disclaimer: I use iPhone and some advice may not be applicable to other devices running on other mobile operating system than iOS

First step is to measure, how much mobile usage I do as of today. In iPhone settings I went to to “battery” and then and found an average I spend 9.4 hours on mobile. Too much from any standard.

A further break-up of time which mobile application I am wasting my time on, I share my screenshot of mobile below:

my time spent on the apps.
my time spent on the apps.

Data is based on my time spent in last 10 days. WeChat and Whatsapp being the biggest culprit…

Thinking is all that it takes, I have been trying for eternity to lose weight which never resulted in any thing, however recently I have been able to keep up the tempo and consistently maintaining a healthy weight.

I utilized COVID-19 as an opportunity whereby I focused on gaining my confidence and regularizing my eating and sleeping routines, as my business travel stymied.

But whether this will remain one off opportunity brought about by COVID or becomes a life-long habit, only time will tell.

First step “ Improving my system”

Remember quote from the book atomic habit, you fall to…

Though I have been thinking to move my focus on the more productive work which has impact on the long term on my career and personal life. However I end up with my time on the email checking, and replying. I am not able to produce anything that is worth creating my niche and which will help me grow professionally.

This procrastination of not putting first thing first is hurting my long term goal, and will make me obsolete in medium and long term. …

One Percent Improvement

This profile is my personal quest to improve myself, which I plan to update regularly. Publish to public (every week) and write as draft every day.

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